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Reasons for the creation of a new race

Many dog owners are proud of her pedigree dogs.Some people look pejorative on the others and think or say, these are only hybrids. Some people is not clear that also her pedigree dog is a hybrid. Even the oldest dog races are not born as a pedigree dog. They have originated from a special selection from various dogs.

The specific breeding of pedigree dogs has begun about 100 years ago. The dogs were bred after a certain ideal picture about several generations.(Different races were crossed with each other).After reaching of this breeding purpose (ideal picture) it was further bred only with these dogs. The popularity degree of pedigree dogs has fast grown. The dogs were judged on exhibits. (exterior appearance)
The dogs were bred on beauty. Famous Kynologen warn for many years about this development in the dog breeding.With the breeding on beauty often have been neglected the health and the character.

The animals suffer increasingly from allergies. Allergies originate from a weak Imunsystem.Such animals lack the width of the genetic variety. The animals cannot react adequately to external charms.

This phenomenon is well known in the stockbreeding. Animals from foreign breeding lines (or kind-related races) are used as a balance. Through this it is reached by the enlarged Genpol (the desirable vitality and fitness). These experiments are not possible with the breeding of dog races (organized breeding of pedigree dogs). The big breeding federations have rules. The animals of a race must be paired only together. In addition, the federations do not accept themselves mutually (No recognition mutually). This is why even animals of the same race may not be paired with each other.

So that one can change something, one must keep away from the big federations. One must act regardless of them.
Up to so-called official recognition by a dog federation it lasts at least 10 years. (If one wishes this).A proof of at least 3 generations is necessary at first. (these dogs may be paired only together). The dogs of the first generation are usually paired together. (only the good and the beauty).

This is a disadvantage. It is inbreeding or Incest breeding. This is a mating of very narrowly related animals. This is a big danger for the health and the character. Advantage: in short time uniformly looking animals.