The Teutonic dog is bred according to strict guidelines.(documented in writing) It is not a dog for everyone. The Teutonic dog is rare. So it should remain so.

The breeding goal is to preserve the breed.He is suitable for serious sports people who have a love of nature. There is no interest to go to the level of commercial dog breeding. The commercial breeding would destroy the filtered properties from many years.

Focal points of the breed are:

Characteristics (Learning ability and intelligence), exercise capacity (speed and endurance) as the ability to adapt in today's world (social behavior). The includes dealing with other dogs and animals, life in the city and in nature.

Each of the Teutonic dog which is used in the breed, has to prove its performance.

(Sled dog sports, Carnicross, Velo Sport, rescue dogs or grassroots).

In the Teutons dog breeding have physical signs like musculature, strong Hindquarters /'S' in the Wheel), rod posture, strong back, small head, small ears, the biggest meaning.

The nature of the breeding dogs has to be free of aggression. The dogs should show good manners with other dogs, other animals and humans.

The absolute priority is the power that can be played on many levels. A dog with good investment performance in the very nature can also be a good dog for a sporting family.

The Teutonic dog should show under great stress good eating and drinking.

Very important for the breeders of these dogs:

Experts and expertise at the highest level for the Teutons dog breeder is an absolute must! It's about targeted promoting and maintaining positive qualities. We want to make a contrast to the traditional pedigree dog breeding.

A show career is avoided!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For use in breeding dogs that are only:

- are free from any bone disease
- Have excellent angulation
- Have appropriate muscles
- Show good character in the group
- Not aggressive
- Are friendly towards children
- Robust, are weather resistant and healthy
- Eat and drink well after work

Exclusion from breeding in hindsight:

- Cesarean section/Problems at birth
- Offspring with the above-mentioned properties
- Milk shortage
- Inability to care of the puppies